Management policy

We bring smile and beauty to women all over the world by seeing through our customers` needs which changes rapidly with the times.

We focus everyday on the research and development of our service so that we can serve the needs of this mature society.

To provide satisfaction and excitement to customers of all age,
we practice the 5 elements of store value and two H`s.

  • Q=Quality (Providing high quality technique)
  • S=Service (Hospitality with warmth)
  • C=Cleanliness (Clean shop and clothes)
  • A=Atmosphere (Cheerful greeting, creating a great atmosphere)
  • T=Timing/Time (Service of time by prompt actions)


1.Hospitality (Spirit of OMOTENASHI)
2.Happiness(Joy of our customers and associates)

We believe that an ideal beauty salon and beautician should make customers happy and smiling, which leads to a better community.

We beauticians will become your personal infrastructure, lightening up the community and boosting our store value.

M.I.T Holdings
Chairman and executive director and President

By precisely understanding our customers` needs
by always paying attention to their face and expression,
we promise to support your `beauty`, `smile`, and `happiness`.

We continue to evolve and grow with
`our customers` trust`, `our associates` satisfaction`, and `contribution to our community`;
we will become a one-owner-per-shop beauty salon chain that the community must have. 

We are a growing leader in the beauty industry, and we go beyond the frameworks of a chain.
Our goal is to become an exciting company like no other, that brings
the best satisfaction to our customers throughout the world.

M.I.T Holdings Chairman and executive director President Jundo Kawakita

Mugeijuku President and representative director

We want to stand in a global point of view and change the world dramatically!

The luxuriant beauty industry exists to make people smile and beautiful.

It is our important job to make people`s lifestyle more beautiful and happy,
so we will devote ourselves to putting our customers`
needs first by contributing to the happiness of our community. 

A corporate group can not exist without the support of many people.

We grow everyday with your kind support and keen advice.
I truly thank everyone for your continuous support.

Being the first in line of all employees, I would keep on `innovating beauty` and `changing the world`.

We solicit your increased patronage and guidance.

Mugeijuku President and Representative director Akira Yamauchi

Mugeijuku Executive Vice President

First of all I would like to sincerely thank all the customers that support us.

Since we have opened our first shop in Aobadai, Yokohama in 1985, our company`s corporate philosophy is to `make women smile and beautiful`.Our philosophy evolved from `making women all over Japan smile and beautiful` to `making women all over the WORLD smile and beautiful`.

Many customers, many clients, and many colleagues.
I really feel that this evolution was made possible with everyone`s support.

I am determined to execute and achieve our philosophy, and as your loyal partner,
make our company and everyone related to it happy.

To achieve that goal, I promise to dedicate myself to studying beauty and health,
and keep on creating smile and beauty, hand in hand with my colleagues.

I appreciate your continuous support towards our company.

Mugeijuku Executive Vice President Yusuke Makino

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